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Smile Makeover Specialists in Pune

Smile Makeover is a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedure that aims at altering the look of patient’s teeth,enhancing his or her bite and treating problems pertaining to Temporomandibular joint disorder.The result of the whole process is a pleasant looking smile and fully functional jaw. 

Smile Makeover utilizes current technologies to reshape and rebuild one’s teeth, gums and surrounding areas. One or several procedures may be necessary to obtain the desired effects. The end result is an enhanced appearance that allows the patient to enjoy the confidence and attractiveness you have always desired.
Advances in dental technologies allow us to do impressive cosmetic reconstructions and to make them more painless than ever before. Everyone deserves to feel good about his or herself. If you have endured a lifetime of dissatisfaction with your smile, the time to act is now. Do not wait any longer to take steps towards a brighter future.
With Smile Makeover, you do not have to settle for the natural course of aging your mouth has taken. You can eat without getting pangs of discomfort from hot or cold food, you can start your day without soreness in your jaw, and you can complete tasks without having to fight recurring headaches.
Smile Makeover requires an advanced treatment procedure that uses state-of-the-art technology.
The goal of treatment is to properly align the jaw and rebuild damaged teeth. Teeth are restored with veneers, crowns, or onlays. Depending on the patient, a prosthesis may be used. The result is an attractively enhanced smile using durable materials that will stand the tests of time.
Our Expert Dentists will help you decide an appropriate treatment plan. This is where the Smile Makeover specialists really shine. Though the specific techniques may vary depending on your needs, our experts will ensure that the end result is the same-a lovely smile and a more confident you. 

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