Thank You's

My Favorite Doctor

To my Favourite Doctor,

       It’s been nearly 10 years and still counting my family and me only go to his clinic. Back to 10 years he was practicing and still now he is! Ahh what to say that’s the life of a Doctor. For me he is a brother, you will not believe my case is quite different from others. When I was a kid mostly 4 or 5 years old, that time I fallen on my teeth , but  nothing happened that time. As I grew it started paining so my mom took me to the his clinic. That time he was young and I never felt like he was a Doctor! He did my check up and said, we need to root canal and all as it is prolonged teeth, that means when you were a kid and if you have fallen on your teeth nothing will happen,you will not even get a clue of any pain, but as you grow up you will start experiencing the pain so, in my case all my frontal teeth need to be treated. Days passed by my treatment was still going on. 

As I ‘m a very stubborn and mischievous  child, but still my Doctor was able to control me😂😂😂And now after some years  the same problem happened. So I went to his clinic and now the clinic looks more bigger with all the modern equipments and yes now my Doctor looks a bit old and more matured. But he still treat me as a little girl. Now I told him everything about that paining tooth which gives me so much problems.

 He told, we need to remove the tooth and now again the same procedure. How can I forget injections I always tease him that you gave total 22 injections! And it is still counting. In my family only  my mother and I go to him because of our unacception cases. My father is far from this and because our cases my sister is in touch with the dental checkup. So people don’t forget to check with your Doctor reagarding regular check up!

We have all sorts of doctors in our life, who fight against all types of diseases and give as an entirely new beautiful life.

I thank you Doctor, even though with lots of my mischievous and troublesome activities you never get angry and still treat me with your full concentration!!really you are a super hero for me !!same like batman who fight against bad people and my Doctor fight against bad teeth❤

- Apoorva D.Hebbar


Genuine Treatment

I had visited and undergone a maxillofacial surgery at Advanced Dental & Oral Surgical Center. Mine was a complicated case but Dr. Vishal did the best of all and now I really do enjoy my fav foods. Thanks a lot Dr. Zurange. 

- Anand D.